The Simplify Solar guys were extremely patient with me to walk through and help me understand the process. The way the dashboard is laid out on the website with the major steps of the whole process, it's very straightforward. And the price has come down to a point now where it's available for more people who really want to make a statement and an investment in their future. Overall, we were very satisfied with the experience.

Matt M.

Very reliable, trustworthy, easy to use system. Panels were delivered on time as said it would.

Patrick W.

The Simplify System was so easy to use and the pricing was so $@!#% appealing. Design and shipping was hassle free and I got to go with the installer of my choice! Will highly recommend Simplify Solar to friends and family.

Sam H.

Bought my packaged system from Simplify Solar for less than half of what my local solar installation company was quoting me. Will always tell anyone who wants solar to look up solar prices on Simplify Solar as they will be the cheapest.

Sarah H.

My friend introduced me to Simplify Solar. They provided me a system that was much cheaper than what my installer had quoted. Simplify Solar provided me with the panels and inverter and racks and no other bells and whistles like what the installer provided and so I ended up saving close to 5K. Definitely saved me tons of green backs and the system was oh so easy to use.. Great Deal and will ask anyone to buy Solar products from these guys.

Allison T.